Dbvisit Stand-by

Netsoftmate partners with Dbvisit Software, a team of disaster recovery and database replication experts, to offer the comprehensive and well-trusted solutions, Dbvisit Standby and Dbvisit Replicate

#1 Disaster Recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition

Dbvisit Standby ensures complete disaster recovery (DR) for Oracle SE, by reducing business disruption, for Oracle Standard Edition (SE, SE1, SE2) databases. Dbvisit Standby protects you from data loss due to hardware and logical failures, natural disasters, human error and outages. Contact our team today to demo this solution.

With Netsoftmate and Dbvisit, you can ensure business continuity when disaster strikes, upgrade to the latest database technology, and underpin your digital solutions and services with up-to-date information for better business decisions.

Dbvisit Stand-by Benefits:

Save up to 80% on Oracle® licensing costs.
Easily manage and create Oracle Standard Edition (SE) standby databases - 
#1 DR Tool for SE.
It's simple and hassle free!

The 6 top reasons to use Dbvisit Standby:
  • Trusted by DBAs in 1300 companies in over 110 countries
  • Elegant fully featured web-based interface plus command line
  • Fully optimized with Oracle Database Appliance
  • Full support for RAC, ASM and OMF
  • Automatic creation of standby database to save time
  • Designed to make life easy for DBAs and Administrators