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Comprehensive Enterprise Security Solutions
Expert Security Consulting to Improve Overall Operational Proficiency.
Application Security

Get complete assessment of custom-designed web applications and commercial applications.

Cyber Security Risk

Identify deficits and associate them to practical solutions while maintaining a robust security environment.

Data Loss Prevention

We help you gain an understanding of how information transfers & develop strategies to manage your data.

Intensive Gap Analysis

Get complete consultation and analysis to determine the gaps in your organization’s security infrastructure..

Security & Compliance

Assess current flaws and develop counter solutions in three areas — people, procedure and equipment.

Comprehensive IT Audit

Evaluating existing IT security measures and vulnerabilities and recommendation of security solutions.

Independent Testing Service
Our Certified Penetration Testers provide Comprehensive & Independent Penetration Testing Service.

Our experts continuously update their knowledge of the latest security vulnerabilities to ensure their advice is as current as possible. Our scope of services include: Mobile Device Testing, Source Code and Binary Review, Standards and Compliance Review & Web Application Testing. 
Comprehensive Penetration Testing

Managed Security Services



How Well is your Organisation Protected?

Netsoftmate offers a full security audit service, ranging from checking the security on a single server, to a full test of large Enterprise IT infrastructure, and the policies and procedures underpinning it.

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