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Optimize Your Security
Streamline Security Operations With A More Centralized Landscape
Improve Efficiency
With Netsoftmate, get improved incident response, threat insight and reduced cyber-security costs.

With increasing cyber-attacks, security Experts need to physically perform tedious and time-consuming tasks to track, and resolve security events across multiple platforms. Our Team of Experts, monitor the current threats, respond to new security standards and come up with the best ways to deal with these challenges.

Better Security

Better Performance

Why Invest in a SOC?

At Netsoftmate, our automated intelligence platform enables the identification and remediation of known and unknown targeted threats.

Technology & Architecture Reviews, Framework Assessment


Threat Detection, Alerting & Reporting, Real-time Reporting, Log Analysis,


Devise Integration, Threat Profiling, Design & Development Analysis


Incident Notification, Analysis, Remediation, Prevention, Real-time Reporting

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Invest In The Right SOC

Select a Cyber-Security Solution Befitting your Infrastructure

If you plan to improve your infrastructure’s SOC productivity, you need to select a cyber-security solution that fits your requirement. We customize our solutions to provide custom security design and arrangement for every infrastructure needs with standard investigation and quick incident response