Autonomous Database on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer -vs- Exadata Cloud@Customer

Recently Oracle has announced Autonomous Database (ADB) on Oracle Exadata Cloud @ Customer (Exadata C@C). ADB on Exadata C@C provides the benefits of a self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database management system and the security and control offered by having it deployed securely on-premise Customer’s data centre.

With the new offering we now have 2 different Exadata Cloud At Customer offering:

1. Exadata Cloud @ Customer

2. Autonomous Database on Exadata Cloud @ Customer

With the new Autonomous Database on Exadata C@C offering there is confusion for many Customer such as:

1. What the new ADB on Exadata C@C offers?

2. What resources Customer needs to manage?

3. What are different accesses available to Customer?

With this article we will help you clarify a lot of these confusion, help you understand the details around each of these offering and finally let you choose the right Exadata Cloud at Customer offering for your Business need.

Autonomous Database on Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer -vs- Exadata Cloud@Customer

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