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Protect Your Business-Critical Data with Oracle ZDLRA
Have you protected your business-critical data?
Eliminate data loss and reduce data protection 

Highly critical data breach can impact your business operations massively. Have you made sure you have protected yourself from data loss? 
Netsoftmate expert support can help you with this by setting up Oracle ZDLRA - Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance and ensure that incrementally forever backed-up and can be easily recovered anytime reducing overall data protection overheads.

Eliminate Critical Data Loss

With Oracle ZDLRA you can be assured there is no data loss of critical data ensuring business continuity

Cloud-scale Data Protection

Oracle ZDLRA comes with pre-installed Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) media management software

Secure Connectivity

Acquire secure connectivity across diverse locations & get complete protection from thefts.

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Fast. Integrated. Zero Data Loss.

Get 100% Recoverability of All Your Oracle Databses

Wtih Netsoftmate's unique support on Oracle ZDLRA, you can Enhance IT productivity and reduce downtime through recovery automation, improve database server performance with offload validation and reduce complexity and costs by consolidating database protection tasks. 

Cloud-Scale Architecture


Reduce the Risk of Long-term Data Loss with ZDLRA

Oracle ZDLRA reduces the risk of short and long-term data loss with integrated data protection. You can quickly recover data transactions at any given point and accelerate your recovery from cyber attacks and migration errors. 

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