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5 Reasons Why Exadata is Important for Your Business Continuity

Cloud is an innovative operational model for IT and its transforming the business coordination. Attain superior results today and plan for better tomorrow with the help of a cloud-ready IT infrastructure. Oracle engineered systems are fabricated, integrated, tested, and optimized to work collectively. They are co-created with Oracle software for cloud-engineered integration. Oracle Exadata as a part of Oracle Engineered Systems is the only channel that provides optimal database performance and proficiency for analytics, mixed data and OLTP workloads.

Here are five top reasons stating why Oracle Exadata is important for Business Continuity.

5 Reasons why Exadata is Important for Your Business Continuity | Netsoftmate

Oracle Exadata for Business

Information is an important component of a business and most of it is available in the databases that power the business’ growth. Cloud-ready Oracle Exadata makes sure that your business is getting the most from your valuable information. Exadata for business provides amplified database performance, improved efficiency and operational flexibility for your business strategy around IoT, digital transformation, or agile IT. It diminishes the complexity of your database infrastructure and arranges for cloud migration, improving effectiveness and efficiency and helping you show a financial return.

5 Reasons why Exadata is Important for Your Business Continuity | Netsoftmate

Enhance Business Operations

Database Management is a crucial effort and includes appropriate administration of database infrastructure. However, generic infrastructure can create problems that delay application deployment and query revert times, affecting business and revenue growth.

Oracle Exadata enhances business operations and makes application development teams more productive. It also ensures that database administrator teams become more efficient. It helps in providing more value by establishing new business applications quickly and getting data that supports business operations. Oracle Exadata also improves database management, accessibility and dependability to enhance business operations altogether.

5 Reasons why Exadata is Important for Your Business Continuity | Netsoftmate

Massively Reduce Capital Expenses

With increasing demand for more data storage, there are more chances of increasing complexity, greater costs and less efficiency. A larger data center requires more power, floor space to pay for without any assurance of error-free management.

Oracle engineered systems’ Exadata is an engineered system that delivers more database and application performance with less hardware and reduced licenses. This means, you can get increased productivity, better services and massively reduce capital expenses. Oracle Exadata makes it possible without any increase in headcount or IT specialization. It reduces capital expenditure and operational costs, so you get the most from Oracle Database licenses.

5 Reasons why Exadata is Important for Your Business Continuity | Netsoftmate

Deliver Greater Business Value

Oracle Exadata increases business value by reducing deployment time, delivering better performance and enabling deeper customer insights. The long-term costs of DIY infrastructure are 53% higher than the integrated Oracle Exadata system. It integrates exceptional capabilities and operational mechanization to enable extreme performance, and significant cost savings. It empowers a business to revolutionize, drive innovative digital transformations and deliver greater business value. According to IDC, Exadata delivers 94% less unplanned downtime with the help of its built-in resilience and redundancy. Oracle Engineered System’s Exadata is a single entity closed system, making it more secure by design, with integral encryption.

5 Reasons why Exadata is Important for Your Business Continuity | Netsoftmate

Get the Benefits of Cloud

Exadata Cloud Service delivers the most advanced database cloud by combining the world’s top database technology and Exadata. It is the most powerful database platform, with the simplicity, agility and resistance of a cloud-based deployment. Businesses can now access Oracle databases on Oracle Exadata without capital investments for IT infrastructure such as space, power, compute servers, storing, networks and software. Exadata Cloud Service is fully compatible with on-premises Oracle databases and all existing applications. With Exadata Cloud Service, businesses can easily embrace a pure cloud or hybrid cloud strategy. Choose the Oracle Engineered System’s Exadata Cloud Service that’s equal to an on-premises Exadata, but in a cloud form.

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