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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

  • What is Oracle Autonomous Database?

    Oracle Autonomous Database allows you rapidly & easily create mission critical databases, It protects data from both external and internal threats, automates all infrastructure & database maintenance, recovers from any failure without downtime and scales online for highest performance & lower cost.

    Components of Oracle Autonomous Database:

    An Oracle Autonomous database comprises of 3 components:

    Oracle Exadata
    Oracle database
    Automated Data Center Operations and Machine Learning


    How Does Oracle Database Works:

    An Oracle Autonomous Database is self driving, self securing and self repairing.

  • Self Driving: It Automates all databases and infrastructure management, Patching, tune Queries and Monitoring

  • Self Securing: Protects database from both external and malicious internal users by automatically encrypting data both at rest and in transit

  • Self Repairing: Automatically recover from any failure. Protects from all downtime including planned maintenance

    Machine Learning:

    Automation  built up on the revolutionary machine learning platform enables the Customers with greater database autonomy and capabilities.

  • Workload Optimization: Automatically adapts to the changing workload and optimization of query execution. So Customers doesn’t have to tune queries manually.

  • Monitoring & Diagnostics: Detects anomalies and fixes issues ensuring optimal performance and availability. So Customers doesn’t have to install or waiting for monitoring and alerting notification.

  • Security: Protects database from both external attacks and malicious internal users by automatically encrypting data and apply security updates.


    Oracle Autonomous Database Family:

  • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW): It is optimized for Data Warehouse, Data Mart & Data lake. Easy provision, connect, load data and execute queries.

  • Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP): It is optimized for Transaction processing, batch, Report, Mixed workload, IoT & Application Development. Easy provision, connect, load data and execute queries.


    Benefits of Autonomous Database:

  • Fast Provisioning: Create the database in minutes, load data & execute queries
  • Autonomous: Automatically tune queries without DBA intervention
  • Extreme Performance: Run Oracle workload up to 13x faster on Oracle Exadata

    Steps to create an Autonomous Database:

    It just takes 4 steps to create an Autonomous Database (DW, Data mart or OLTP) and in few minutes the customers can have Autonomous database ready to connect and load data and start using it. 

    Migrating to Oracle Autonomous Database:

  • Oracle Database is same in the cloud as on-premises. You can move it to the cloud without having to change application code.Quickly obtain environments for testing and development. Take on-premises data, move onto the cloud storage for fast analysis, backup or archiving. Get an enterprise production ready database in minutes for fast migration to cloud. Tuning, patching, backup, disaster recovery, high availability for them automatically.

    Oracle Autonomous database Security Capabilities:

  • Autonomous database automatically applies patches and upgrades eliminating human error, keeping the system protected. Oracle Database Vault protects the database from internal administrator access, allows administrators to perform their job, but not access the data itself. By default, Oracle Autonomous database uses TDE to protect data at rest. It also protects data in transit when the client uses SSL/TLS 1.2.

    Oracle Autonomous Database Deployment option:

  • Autonomous Database Serverless: Simple & Elastic. Oracle automates and manages everything. You just choose the compute , storage and region. Start with minimum 1 OCPU & 1 hour minimum commitment time and Instantly grow or shrink online.

  • Autonomous Database Dedicated: Provides a Private database cloud running on a dedicated Exadata cloud infrastructure in the Public cloud. Highly isolated and Customizable operation policies. Available as Cloud at Customer solution.

    Which Autonomous Database Deployment is best for me?

    Regardless of which Autonomous Database deployment you chose you will get the same great features, functionality, security and performance you have grown to expect from the Oracle Database.

    For users that are simply looking for a database for a specific application or project and don’t want to be involved in choosing any database details like versions, patching, etc., Serverless is right choice. Whereas users that want to rethink their IT strategy and care about things like patching schedules, software versions, workload isolation, and want to be involved in choosing these, then Dedicated is the right choice.


    In this article we have learned about Oracle Autonomous database cloud, its components, benefits and capabilities and different autonomous database deployment options available.